Our Outreach

Outreach are events that promote FTC, FIRST, STEM, or robotics/in any way.  These usually fall into the categories of building connections with engineers, FIRST related events, promoting STEM and technology, and community service.

Lebanon, OR     June 27

This was our first summer iinvent camp, which is run by OSU and funded by The Lemelson Foundation. These camps are offered at low or no cost to students in rural underserved communities. The attendees are a mix of middle schoolers including those going into high school. The camp was being filmed for CCTV today as well. Our coach gave a presentation about the advancements in technology, and then we gave ours. After our presentation, we split them up into 4 groups to have them take turns driving the robot.

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Canby, OR       July 18

Today we presented at another iinvent camp in Canby, OR at the Ackerman Center. This group was the combination of 2 iinvent “classes” so we had a total of 54 kids in a much larger room. We began with the short coach intro and transitioned into talking about FIRST. After questions, we split up into groups for stations but after Molalla, we made some changes to the stations themselves. We made a PTC Creo station, combined the parts and programming stations (due to the number of people) and kept the driving and FLL stations.

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Molalla, OR      July 11

Today we presented at another iinvent camp in Molalla at Molalla Middle School. Vivek Singh, Vaari’s father gave his presentation based on the innovation in the field of robotics and then introduced our team. We then began our presentation, in which we talked about FIRST and its mission and then talked about the building, programming, designing, and robot game aspects of FTC as well as the building, programming, robot game, project, and core values of FLL. We then had time for questions. We then divided them once again into 4 groups, this time with stations.

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Cornelius, OR     July 25

This time, the iinvent camp was at Centro Cultural in Cornelius, OR. For this camp, we reorganized the slides so that the flow from section to section to the section was smoother. The rest of the presentation was the same so we started with the intro from our coach, Sudhir Menon. There was a group of boys who had all done FLL before, so we and our coach gave them some tips on how to do well during their next season. Jayant and Sathya wanted to add an obstacle course or another activity to the driving station to make it more fun, something we plan on adding next camp.

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Hood River, OR  Aug 2

This time, the iinvent camp was in Hood River OR. For this camp we had one of our team members Sagarika present the presentation that usually one of the parents presents. After that Sagarika introduced the team and we started our presentation about FIRST and its mission and also about FTC and FLL. The programming station was good in terms-the students were intrigued, and they were having fun going through the station. Sahith and Rushil went through a program that Sagarika had created and afterward talked a little about FTC programming and then had the kids create a program with the app MBlock.

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Dalles, OR      Aug 9

In the Dalles OR the layout of the camp was the same. Our team member Sahith Chandra presented our introduction presentation about the technological advancements of the future. He introduces us and we presented our presentation about FIRST and its mission and also about FTC and FLL. We had time for questions at the end and then split up the group of students into groups and assigned them to their starter stations. the students program a small FLL robot that we built and had them program a robot to go forward and turn 180 degrees and come back. It was a simple program that they were easily able to complete. Overall This iinvent camp went really well and it was the stepping stone to what we would like to do for the next outreach that we do.

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The rest of our outreach will be updated soon